Show week details are being emailed to Bugsy Malone cast. With 100 plus involved in 5 different casts it's quite complicated. Please read any emails carefully and note all days/ times/ venues. 
Costume/ raffle/ other rehearsals will be sent later
Mini 1 
Mini 2 
Roxy CT cast 
Robinson CT cast 
have been sent


LBCT Summer term 2016 scholarship winners

Lbct Drama's photo.
Lbct Drama's photo.
Lbct Drama's photo.

 Tickets for Bugsy Malone go on sale Tuesday 12th April.

All tickets £7/ £5 concs.

 Please check to book for the right performance. 

Any problems email

Box office 03003008125

or book online term starts Saturday 16th April

Children's Easter holiday drama workshops Leighton Buzzard with Advance Creative Solutions- were brilliant- well done to everyone who participated


Well done LBCT Youth Section on the first night of "Take Away". Tonight's performance is sold out as we welcome National Theatre director Olly Hawes.

Those needing make up must arrive by 5.30 tonight- those not needing make up please arrive by 6pm.
See you all there!

We sometimes get info on professional auditions for childrens castings for West End and tours. If you are interested in getting any relevant info for your child please email

New Term Spring 2016 Tuesday Youth Section will start on 12th January.Other groups start dates tba

Details of new terms ventures will be emailed out as soon as possible

Fantastic Sing Out events over the weekend-especially the 3 hour Sing Out Against Cancer yesterday at MK shopping centre. A magnificent £283 has been raised this weekend. Making an amazing total of £391.94 so far this Christmas. Brilliant-well done to everyone who has taken part in any way so far. Still to add 2 big Sing Outs at Vandyke on 13th December plus Laburnum Ct for Macmillan and Mad about Harry another MK Sing Out by Advance and YS, possible Morrisons date and of course the Advance Theatre Companys "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" for Supershoes. Think our target of £1,500 will be met this Christmas. Thank you everyone


SING Out 2015 has started. Total s far over £100

Well done everyone who sang on the mainstage Friday 27th November

  • So many people left it too late  to get tickets to Sing Out so we are offering tickets to an encore!
    Sunday 13th December
    By popular demand an encore!
    45 minute encore of Sing Out for those who missed out on the 4pm performance or those of you who just want more! The children and young people who perform will be joined by members of The Advance Theatre Company and of course Santa will return! Just realised there will be just 12 days till Christmas so we will encore The 12 days of Christmas and much more- book those tickets now
    There will be some added extras too!
    Hot drinks will be available bet
    ween the performances
    all tickets for this performance are £5
    Tickets on sale NOW!!!!
    Performers have a choice whether they stay to be in this event too-we just need to know either way
    If you missed out on tickets for the 4pm performance please book as soon as possible
    Our Advance Theatre Company will also take part in this-an added extra as they are not performing in main “Sing Out”
    Everyone please respond and tell us if your child will be taking part in the encore or not! No pressure at all we just need to know
    It is an expectation that everyone will do 4pm performance whether they have someone in the audience or not- the 5.45 is an added extra and is optional- please let us know
    If audience members from 4pm want to see the encore you will need to book extra tickets for this
    Thank youTickets are  SOLD OUT  for 
Sing Out Against Cancer 2015
Sunday 13th December at 4pm
In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and Mad About Harry

LBCT Autumn term is community term. We love to get out and about this term- if anyone has any email contacts or suggestions of community groups/ sheltered housing/ events who would like to be entertained by our talented CT/ Mini/ Youth or Advance Theatre Company please message or email Community is the very heart of our group and this term is community term. We will be raising funds this term for Macmillan Cancer Support, Mad about Harry and Supershoes. Please let us know any contacts you think might be interested-thank you. Please feel free to share this too. We need to be planning asap

So the total raised for "Hospice at Home" from our June/ July LBCT/ Advance Theatre Company productions is £1,250 Well done to everyone involved- performers/ back stage/ front of house-what a great team

4th July

Superb Saturday sessions today
Callie Mountford came to Mini 1's and showed them the French tv footage with Mini 1's profiled and singing- brilliant- Mini 1's were superb today
Lbct Drama Saturday CT devised and improvised round Tom Scudamore's great list of suggested new titles including Prince Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs and The Shoe must go on-or something like that!
Mini 2's sang, danced, laughed, ate ice lollies in the garden, had great fun and were brilliant as ever 
Our Youth helpers today Helen MountfordElisha FowlerTom Scudamore,Lissie AllsoppLuke BirtlesRebekah BeareJenni MannLorna Winfield andLottie Hayman were as ever fantastic.
Sad that not all of you will be able to be with us in September but so happy for you moving on to such exciting opportunities at university, medical school, volunteer courses, opera school etc. etc.-what a great group of young people you are!
Well done everyone!!!


Pure magic as fairytale story goes Into The Woods via the dangerous route

Into The Woods by Advance Theatre Company at Leighton Buzzard Theatre PNL-150207-091650001

Into The Woods by Advance Theatre Company at Leighton Buzzard Theatre PNL-150207-091650001


Theatre review by Tom Scudamore

If you recall every production Sally Allsopp has directed under the rooftops of the Leighton Buzzard Theatre, they’re all fairytales, really.

Into The Woods by Advance Theatre Company at Leighton Buzzard Theatre PNL-150207-091939001

Into The Woods by Advance Theatre Company at Leighton Buzzard Theatre PNL-150207-091939001

Each one is a morality mission in which a lost eccentric wanders into a wood, whether that be an infrastructure jungle (Oliver!) or exotic love labyrinth (The Mikado), strays from the path before being rescued and changed for the better.

Into the Woods cartwheeled towards a beautiful happy-ever-after via the dangerous route because the Advanced Theatre Company, as always, conquered the fine art of telling a story through the acting, rather than crossing paths with the enlightened forests which engulf our childish nightmares.


Journeys don’t start or finish in the forests, they’re a liminal crossing of paths and knotted roots. Be careful what you wish for, though. The 1987 lyric sees Sondheim’s Cinderellas and Little Reds stray off-road and into one another’s stories, muddying morals and restoring the fairy tales’ unpredictable, folklorish bite. It’s a bold, zestful, mythical embodiment of “pure magic” for Sondheim-appreciator Mike McEvoy and granddaughter Evie who, in attendance for adoring the show, interpreted it as documenting “what really happens when all our dreams come true.”

Quite, what begins as irreverent fantasy divulges into a chaotic yet prosaic philosophical jigsaw. The genius? We’re led into the thornbushes with a happy song, but then, once we’re in there, all bets are off. At the start of Act II, for instance, a giant ends up killing the narrators. Ouch. Bye-bye Luke Walsh and Sam Peplow.

Into The Woods by Advance Theatre Company at Leighton Buzzard Theatre. PNL-150207-091812001

Into The Woods by Advance Theatre Company at Leighton Buzzard Theatre. PNL-150207-091812001

Allsopp’s adaptation captured the intimacy, remoteness and surreal nature of Sondheim’s writing wonderfully, making great space of the stage, lighting et al (courtesy of the brilliant Ayre brothers) and at arm’s length from the real material, preferring to let the cast weave their magic on the gamble that they will. And they did, for this is an established ensemble of players, the youthful swoons in the spotlight coming-of-age the realities of their life behind the curtain, that fairytales aren’t all that they’re lived up to be (Cinders can’t even handle her celebrity status), opposite gifted senior thespians who adjudicated the proceedings with the gusto and experience they brought to their roles – Graham Mountford made a fine steward, Jacki Banfield was the grandmother with groove. The composition assisted delivery, here, refined elegantly thanks to orchestral wizard David Allsopp, the melodies rhapsodic so the key vocalists could nail their narrative beats. Enchanting? You wouldn’t miss a surer hand or livelier eye in charge, especially once the live scenery had kicked into gear (whether a tree, clock or door, the craftsmen were so focused and tentative that they deserve either a medal or a massage.)

It was a whirl of pure pleasure that just kept whirling: Sondheim doesn’t write show-stoppers but show-surgers and the elite troupe recognised this excellently.

The spirit of the show survived with the smarter touches sheared off. It’s tempting to only credit the inspired female leads since all of them overcame the challenges of this territory, so assuredly. Emer Downey (the not-necessarily-wicked old crone next door) was a welcome returnee, layering the witch’s cruel heart with subtlety, a unique if not outstanding quality to have in a show curtailed in its own narrative haphazardness. Equally when Lissie Allsopp (the sweet yet knowing baker’s wife) sang Moments in the Woods, peeking playfully around tree-trunks, you could see the lyrics washing her character’s thoughts this way and that – a therapeutic little passage of delicacy in a genre that rarely supports it. This song followed her illicit kiss with the handsome prince, Nathan Rutherford, who we must appreciate for his comic flare and gasp-inducing work in making a light role seem forgiving, his rapport with Will Faulkner (prince-in-white-tights #2) dazzling. Few men have ever smouldered this campily and minced away with their credibility intact; after all, they were “raised to be charming, not sincere…”

This parody may have easily capsized the entire project – of course Andrew Fell had to play the big bad wolf with a jazz-razzmatazz number – but the plot of Into the Woods keeps all of its characters on an uneasy footing: Mark Rutherford made an enigmatically furtive Mysterious Man, Carly Halse was the terrifically “call the cops” ruthless Little Red.

Cinders’ compelling home-life was seamlessly retold, too, seeing ugly stepsisters Jess Allsopp and Chloe King trussed up with gaudy polka-dots and elaborate curls before being blinded by blackbirds. Under the beam and cavort of fierce stepmother Hayley Green and frosty father Steve Knibb, it appeared that only the soulful mother-spirit in the tree, convincingly executed by Helen Hoare, dripped the milk of human kindness. Love, however, is what bound the most distant and distorted of rapports, an inducement of the bond between a pre-beanstalk Jack (an arresting Jacob Townson) and his own mother (a superb Helen McGwyre), even if it had disastrous consequences for their relationship’s mortality.

Essentially to evade death each character had to stand for liberty rather than conformity, self-aware of the role they must fulfil before breaking out of their biological straitjackets as their ideology unravelled, articulated, Helen Mountford succeeding in rejecting the lure of old tradition as Rapunzel. It was Lissie Allsopp, Tilly Jones and Luke Birtles, though, who really thrived on this treacherous ground, nimbly picking their way through Sondheim’s tangled tunes and the mazy myriads.

It’s vigorous fun, rapturous, thrilling entertainment, but its branches catch at your heart. No riddles, though. It was the lullaby Stay With Me and the finale Children Will Listen which classed this piece of theatre as totally sublime and moved the audience most, for when our children fly “the world is dark and wild,” so “stay a child while you can be a child.” Absorbed by the charm of these friends for life in the place where my heart belongs – as an ex-cast member myself from Milton Keynes I’m too poetic in a blazer on a Friday night at the theatre – the fairytales felt timeless here. I’ll keep coming back to hear them be told as long as you never stop telling them, Allsopps.


Robert Beilby drama performance



Webber would like to congratulate Year 9 student, Robert Beilby on a fantastic recent drama performance at Leighton Buzzard Theatre. 
The production was called The Factory Children, set at the time of the Industrial Revolution with a poor family against a rich family. The poor family's children worked at the factory which the rich family's father owned. Robert played the oldest 'poor' child, a part that included a lot of singing, both solo and duets. 

Robert belongs to the Leighton Buzzard Children's Theatre who as a group, do a lot of fundraising for charities.  They take part in shows for the local community and have also performed in nursing homes.
Robert’s next performance is in ‘Into the Woods’ junior on Tuesday 14th July at the Vandyke Theatre, Leighton Buzzard. 



BUSY WEEK AHEAD with "Factory Children" and "Potted Pantos" at The Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre

The Leighton Buzzard Library will be alive with drama, dance and drama this week as over 100 local youngsters aged 4-14 take to the stage with Leighton Buzzard Children’s Theatre and Mini Theatre groups. Performances on Friday and Saturday include  The Factory Children by LBCT cast members aged 9-13 who will bring alive the story of The Factory Children in this family musical suitable Score by Chris Adams and Michael Sullivan. Poignant and humorous plot about a rich factory owner’s children who become involved with a group of young factory workers. Set in the 1830s and linked by famous contemporary figures, the audience see the working conditions in the factories and the reformations after the Factory acts were passed. Fully costumed and choreographed this musical promises to enlighten, educate and enchant the audience.
LBCT Mini Theatre 2 present The Potted Panto's "Dick Whittington and Aladdin"LBCT Mini theatre 2 cast members aged 4-9 and the LBCT Youth helpers will present two potted panto's with drama, song and dance. Join Dick Whittington and his cat as he seeks in fortune, meeting Sarah the cook and idle Jack and the beautiful Alice as he travels on-board the good ship enterprise to Marmaladia-watch out for the "Rat Pack" of rats led by fearsome Arthur as chief rat -will Talisman the cat save the day? After the interval they will present Aladdin with the evil Abanazer, the wonderful Princess Luvlee and of course Aladdin and the Genie. A taste of eastern promise again with fun, song and all the usual pantomime traditions – a very young cast most of whom are taking to the stage for the very first time. 
LBCT Mini Theatre 1 present The Potted Panto's "Jack and The Beanstalk and Cinderella"LBCT Mini Theatre 1 cast members aged 5-9 will present two more potted panto's with drama, song and dance. Join Jack as he sells the cow on "Market Day", climbs the beanstalk and meets the terribly scary Giant, his son, their harp, their hen, some singing clouds and an enchanting Princess. Cinderella lives a sad life when Matilda, Dahlia and Marigold Broke  make her life a misery cheered up only by the happiest guy ever Buttons the pageboy. Her Fairy Godmother and a host of fairies help the story along as she meets up with Prince Charming who makes all her dreams come true. Lovely family fun suitable for all


All performances take place at The Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre and will be in aid of Hospice at Home. LBCT work in the community to raise funds for local, national and international charities and over the last 20 years have raised over £75,000.

It is with sadness that we hear of the news of LBCT founder Andy Collier. Sally and David took over LBCT from Andy in 1995 .Andy Collier playwright, director, entertainer and friend, passed away at 5 o'clock on Tuesday 28th April. Andy had been suffering with motor neurone disease but is now finally at rest and free of his ailments. 

Connor attends LBCT SAturday CT-well done

Connor swans on to the stage to be youth ballet star

Conor McGwyre

Conor McGwyre


A 12-year-old from Wing is preparing to take to the stage in English Youth Ballet’s production of Swan Lake at Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre.

Connor McGwyre will be taking on the roles of a Russian stagehand and a Hungarian dancer in the April 24-25 show.

The Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School pupil said: “I started dancing I think when I was four years old. I went to this pantomime when I was little and I was brought up on stage and I have heard that is why I started going to dance classes.”

Connor, who trains at Kercher School of Dance, added: “I like all forms of dancing – contemporary, modern dance and ballet. I would like to have a career in performing arts – singing and acting too.


“I am looking forward to the experience that EYB will give me and to making new friends. I love Swan Lake – I think it is my favourite ballet. The seniors at my dance school are really inspire me because I see them going off to colleges where I would like to go too.”

The English Youth Ballet has eight principal dancers who have danced with major ballet companies all over the world. They will be joined for Swan Lake by 105 young dancers (aged 8 – 18) from across Buckinghamshire who made it through last November’s auditions at the Waterside.

Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office 0844 871 7607 or online Smart (LBCT alumni) is in this fantastic production in London- Well done Adam- it looks brilliant here's hoping some of us can come see you in Henry IV

The rightful King Richard II is dead, deposed and murdered by his cousin and once loyal subject, Henry Bolingbroke. Now Bolingbroke claims the throne as Henry IV, struggling to defend the crown long enough for it to pass safely to his son Hal. But rebel armies are massing, men he once called friends…

No sessions until after Easter Tuesday

rest time needed for Mikado casts 
Those of you who were in it- superb!!!!
If not you missed an amazing opportunity
Good luck to Seb Cridland and Karl Rushby in battle of the bands tomorrow

Laughter and tears from Mikado anniversary show

Mikado, LBCT

Mikado, LBCT


Leighton Buzzard Children’s Theatre Youth Section and Advance Theatre Company are joining together to present the Gilbert and Sullivan favourite The Mikado to celebrate the 130th anniversary of its first performance on March 14, 1885.

This colourful adaption by director Sally Allsopp and musical director David Allsopp promises laughter, tears and great fun – and is part of Leighton’s ongoing Oxjam Festival in aid of Oxfam.

John Wearmouth, Oxjam 2015John Wearmouth, Oxjam 2015

The familiar characters bring the story alive. Ko-Ko will be there, ‘He’s Got A Little List’, and Pooh Bah ‘Who Is So Proud’ of course ‘The Three Little Maids from School”, and more.

True to the original but with a youthful perspective this production will celebrate the genius of Gilbert and Sullivan with song, dance, colour and joy.


Performances are on Friday, March 13 (7pm) and Saturday, March 14 (2pm and 7pm) at Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre.

Tickets are available from or by calling 0300 300 8125, and are £6/£5.

The 38s, Oxjam 2015The 38s, Oxjam 2015

LBCT is a community group run entirely by volunteers many with professional experience in acting, drama, classical music, dance etc who have raised over £60,000 for local, national and international charities over the last 19 years.

In December, the group’s combined total raised for Macmillan Cancer Support from the Christmas events was £1,670.

Their youth section is made up of over 30 teenagers (14-18) from Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas. It meets on Tuesday evenings and is for young people who love the theatre and everything about it.

They perform at least one full-length musical-theatre production each year as well as taking part in a variety of other events.

Advance Theatre Company is a company based in Bedfordshire looking for mature members (aged 16 and over) that will appeal to the amateur seeking confidence and fun, the semi-professional looking to widen their horizons and the professional looking to become a part of something new, innovative and exciting.

Advance Theatre Company is available for functions etc to provide One Night at the Musicals and Memories are Made of This. Contact if you are interested in booking. For more details see


> Leighton Buzzard’s High Street is the scene for this weekend’s Oxjam Open Air event – six hours of live music staged at the Market Cross, from 10am to 4pm.

Among the featured acts are Oxjam favourites Chasm, Chylde Owlet, Minnie Birch, The 38s, and Kisa Austin, as well as new faces Neil Stanton, Kebabshop Lollipop, and Louise Bailey with Matt Bedford. Volunteers will be collecting throughout the day with a view to boosting Oxjam funds.

If you’ve time to make a quick detour, head to All Saints Church at 1.30pm for an organ recital by John Wearmouth entitled Marches and Processions. Admission is free, with all donations to Oxjam gratefully received.

Other Oxjam events this week include big band entertainment from Woburn Jazz (formerly the Open Band) at the Conservative Club, on Friday, March 13 from 8pm; and on the same evening Retroflections at the Crown, North Street from 8pm.

On Saturday, March 14 there’s a choice of pub gigs, with jazz quartet CG3 at the Crown from 8.30pm, and The Situators just up the road at the Stag, also from 8.30pm.CT/ Mini Theatre updates

The updated rehearsal schedule for the rest of term is

Saturday 28th February- NO SESSIONS (Youth Section production of “Ring of Roses” a musical set in the plague village of Eyam- suitable for everyone 8 years and above- tickets still available £6/ £5. Performances at The Vandyke Theatre 3pm and 7pm. Email for tickets)

Saturday 7th March- sessions for CT/ Mini 1 and 2 as normal at The Barn

Saturday 14th March- NO SESSIONS (YS/ Advance production of “The Mikado” at The LB Theatre –tickets still available. £6/£5   3 performances


For details. Fun comedy musical-suitable for all

Saturday 21st March- sessions for CT/ Mini 1 and 2 as normal at The Barn


Easter break 28th March- 11th April

New term dates to follow

Details of the June productions are as follows ALL NOW AT THE LB THEATRE

Friday 5th June 7.30pm and Saturday 6th June 7.30pm The Factory Children LBCT cast members aged 9-13 bring alive the story of The Factory Children in this family musical suitable for all the family. Score by Chris Adams and Michael Sullivan. Poignant and humorous plot about a rich factory owner’s children who become involved with a group of young factory workers. Set in the 1830s and linked by famous contemporary figures, the audience see the working conditions in the factories and the reformations after the Factory acts were passed. Fully costumed and choreographed this musical will enlighten, educate and enchant the audience. Tickets £7/£5 (dress rehearsal will be Thursday 4th June- 5-8.30)



Saturday 6th June 2pm LBCT Mini Theatre 2 present The Potted Panto's "Dick Whittington and Aladdin"LBCT Mini theatre 2 cast members aged 4-9 and the LBCT Youth helpers will present two potted panto's with drama, song and dance. Join Dick Whittington and his cat as he seeks in fortune, meeting Sarah the cook and idle Jack and the beautiful Alice as he travels on-board the good ship enterprise to Marmaladia-watch out for the "Rat Pack" of rats led by fearsome Arthur as chief rat -will Talisman the cat save the day? After the interval they will present Aladdin with the evil Abanazer, the wonderful Princess Luvlee and of course Aladdin and the Genie. A taste of eastern promise again with fun, song and all the usual pantomime traditions Tickets £6/£4(dress rehearsal will be Wednesday 3rd June 4-6)

Saturday 6th June 4.30pm LBCT Mini Theatre 1 present The Potted Panto's "Jack and The Beanstalk and Cinderella"LBCT Mini Theatre 1 cast members aged 5-9 will present two more potted panto's with drama, song and dance. Join Jack as he sells the cow on "Market Day", climbs the beanstalk and meets the terribly scary Giant, his son, their harp, their hen, some singing clouds and an enchanting Princess. Cinderella lives a sad life when Matilda, Dahlia and Marigold Broke  make her life a misery cheered up only by the happiest guy ever Buttons the pageboy. Her Fairy Godmother and a host of fairies help the story along as she meets up with Prince Charming who makes all her dreams come true. Lovely family fun suitable for all Tickets £6/£4 (dress rehearsal will be Wednesday 3rd June- 6-8)


Happy New Year everyone

New terms details can be found under groups

Amazing term for LBCT

WEll done everyone

Well done to everyone our final Sing Out Total is £1670 for Macmillan Cancer support

Merry Christmas to all our members, friends and supporters



Sing Out and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas were fantastic-well done

LBCT Saturday 13th December rehearsals are as follows
9-10.15 ALL MINI theatre children (from both groups 9am and 12noon group) who are doing the Sing Out on Sunday are needed at the Barn 9-10.15
10.30-11.30. ALL children's Theatre who are doing Sing Out on Sunday and or The Mayors Concert on Saturday are needed Barn 10.30-11.30
There are no other rehearsals on Saturday as we have a lunchtime concert and the mayors concert

Babes trio to star at Grove

A trio of talented young stars from Leighton have been cast in Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

A trio of talented young stars from Leighton have been cast in Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood


A talented trio of young Leighton stars is set to take the panto world by storm this festive season – oh yes, they are!


The three – Libby Rose Bridgen, Adam Derland and Kyle Tibbles, all members of Leighton Buzzard Children’s Theatre – have been invited to join the cast of Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, which opens at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre on December 12.

LBCT Spokeswoman Sally Allsopp said: “Each of them has amazing commitment, enthusiasm and talent.

“Libby is so gentle, thoughtful and determined – a fabulous young performer. Adam is enthusiastic and extra special – a brilliant member of LBCT, while Kyle is calm, caring, confident and so, so funny. A born performer.”

The children were offered the roles after a gruelling series of auditions which saw them singing, dancing and reading from an abridged script.

Ten-year-old Libby Rose is in Year 6 at Overstone Combined School in Wing.
Her proud mum Tracey, 38, said: “I think she could sing before she could speak. She must have joined LBCT when she was about three and started ballet as soon as she was old enough.

“She’d had a hard week doing her 11 plus when an email came through about the audition.”
The part-time Brooklands teaching assistant admitted they didn’t have high hopes of Libby winning a role: “I think I was more nervous than she was – I was certainly more tearful when they were dismissing children every 15 minutes and I realised we were still there, with Adam and Kyle.

“She was absolutely elated when she got the part. Now she’s really looking forward to the start of rehearsals.”

Kyle Ward and his mum, Adele, 37, also had no idea he might win a role. “Never in a million years did we think he’d get it,” the 37-year-old police control communications operator said. “We just went thinking it would be good experience.”

Kyle, nine, of Roundel Drive is in Year 6 at Linslade School. He’s appeared in several shows at the Library Theatre but this was his first ‘proper’ audition.

Adele said he was “super excited” when they got the news: “Now we’re just waiting for scripts and rehearsal schedules.”

Adam Derland, nine, who’s in Year 4 at Mary Bassett Lower School, was “excited but nervous” about the auditon, according to his mum, Jacki Banfield. “We didn’t think for a minute he’d be selected,” she said.

“When he was chosen, he had this huge smile on his face. He couldn’t believe it, he wanted to go home and tell all the family.

“It’s also nice that three of them from LBCT will be going together. The school has also organised forthe whole year group to see him.”

> The panto is at the Grove Theatre from December 12.


Fantastic performances by LBCT Minis, Ct , YS and Advance at The Leighton Buzzard Christmas Weekend- wonderful.
£300.17 collected yesterday for Macmillan Cancer Support
2014 Christmas SING OUT TOTAL NOW STANDS AT £429.98.
Well done everyone who performed, collected, applauded, supported.
Still 2 x "Sing Outs" at The Vandyke Theatre on Sunday 14th December to go and The Advance Theatre-Company in "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" at The LB Theatre on 16th December 

Thank you and Well done again

Saturday 22nd November
Please remember rehearsals for Saturday groups are altered tomorrow
Minis 1 and 2 (9am and 12 noon group) everyone interested in singing next Saturday for Leighton Buzzard Christmas Weekend 12 noon opposite Argos you are needed tomorrow 9.15-10.15 at The Barn
Saturday CT group (10.30 group) everyone interested in singing next Friday 4.30-5pm on main stage in town and/ or Saturday for Leighton Buzzard Christmas Weekend 12 noon -1.30 opposite Argos you are needed tomorrow 10.30-12 noon at The Barn
There is no 12 noon Mini 2 tomorrow

15th November 2014
Youth Section star of the week for Tuesday 11th November 
Josie Derland - brilliant singing in Miss Saigon Spot
Great sessions today. Our Drama stars of the week are
Mini 1 
Jack Bridgen- wonderful focus, singing and acting
Laura Korge-super singing today
Tom Bacon-brilliant work in acting, singing and dancing
Daisy Giltrow- super singing all session-well done
Hayden Gell- Brilliant work today
Mini 2 
Charlotte Cox- Brilliant acting today
Cameron Gell- Brilliant as the Genie today

Special thanks to our wonderful musical director David Allsopp and all our Adult and Youth helpers today
 Sylvie Aquilina, Josie Derland, Helen Mountford, Elisha Fowler, Lissie Allsopp, Luke Birtles, Chloe Benning Héloïse Lee, Lorna Winfield, Rebekah Beare, Emily Parrott


Great sessions today. Our Drama stars of the week are
YS Helen Mountford and Juliette Flach for contribution to The Grove Sings spot
Mini 1 -Hugo Starkey- brilliant drama today
and Rupert Versallion for your keyboard playing and singing
CT - Rebecca Murray- super work on opening of The Factory Children 
Molly Squires and Robert Beilby Superb singing of your duet 
Mini 2 Oliver Fosberry brilliant work as Wishee and Imogen Turner- excellent work in singing, acting and dancing
Advance Mark Rutherford and Jacki Banfield for their Spamalot duet



HALF TERM HOLIDAY- no sessions Saturday 25th October or Saturday 1st November

18th October

LBCT Saturday Drama stars this week are

Mini 1 

Billy Knibb -accepting that Prince Charming really could be cool and showing amazing drama skills as always

Marcus Versallion - for the huge smile when he was watching and performing in the improvisation on the coach trip to the zoo today- he absolutely loved it

Charlotte Squires -excitement at being cast as  the front of the cow in Jack and The Beanstalk. Charlotte you are brilliant at singing, dancing and acting


Sophie Bright- amazing work as a Social Conscience today -so expressive and fun!

Libby Bridgen - such wonderful character work as little Ellen today-superb

Imogen Mills- Wonderful work as always- fabulous singing and acting

Mini 2

Catie Clarke- excellent work in all areas today

Harvey Coe- superb work as a rat in rat pack and in all the singing and acting-well done

As always they could all win every week but these are today's winners

Special thanks to all our Adult and youth helpers today


David Allsopp, Graham Mountford, Lissie Allsopp, Luke Birtles, Josie Derland, Helen Mountford, Chloe Benning, Jenni Mann, Lorna Winfield, Rebekah Beare, Joe Samuel

11th October

Today our Saturday LBCT drama stars of the week are

Mini Theatre 1

Rowan McGwyre- Brilliant acting -well done

Jack Murphy- Brilliant acting in all areas today

Jemma Parker Naples- Superb work in all areas today


Molly Jones-Superb interpretation of roles in "The Factory Children" workshops today

Connor McGwyre-Amazing singing and acting- just brilliant

Finn McGwyre- Super character work today- really great 

Mini theatre 2

Leo Parker Naples-Brilliant acting today-Well done

Tomos Clarke -Superb participation today


4th October

Today our Saturday LBCT drama stars of the week are

Jessica Parker Naples -excellent focus and facial expressions

Adam Derland -Brilliant work in all activities

Leah West-Amazing performance as Bentley today

Eva McGahey -Fantastic start in LBCT

William Watson-Brilliant acting today-Well done

Thomas Boreham- Wonderful acting today and super concentration

26th September

LBCT/ Advance Theatre-Company Drama stars of the week are

Seb Cridland for focus and commitment to Youth section on Tuesday
Hayley Green for her patience and characterisation in advance rehearsal yesterday
Chloe S for her amazing fairy pose and great singing today in Mini 1
Sebastian C for his wonderful singing today and technical help in Mini 1
Ben S for his incredibly superior performance as a privileged factory owners child today in CT
Savannah F for working so hard today and reading the part of George so well
Josh P for his super performances today in Mini 2 
Lea and Juliette C for working so hard today
More stars will be announced each week....
A certificate will be given to each Drama Star of the week- the week following their nomination

Monday 8th September- The leavers Shw

Magic Dave rehearsal 9-11 tomorrow at The Barn
Performance for those involved in the afternoon

Monday 8th September "Showstoppers" for those involved at Vandyke Theatre
ALL OTHER SESSIONS START Saturday 13th September

New term
Saturday 6th September  Magic Dave and Ct  at The LB Theatre (Those involved have been emailed)
Monday 8th September "Showstoppers" our leavers show celebrating the talents of our leavers 2014 with our Youth Section, Advance theatre Company and older members of our CT (Those involved have been emailed)

New term for YS starts TUESDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER with rehearsal for our leavers show  (Those involved have been emailed)

New term for Mini theatre and CT starts Saturday 13th September (except for those doing Magic Dave show who will rehearse and perform on Saturday 6th September-(Those involved have been emailed)

Theatre group will leave you wanting more!



Leighton Buzzard’s Advance Theatre Company are bringing the famous musical Oliver! to life this week at the town’s library theatre.


Being performed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (June 12-14), the production has brought together two children’s teams – Team Charles and Team Dickens – to play the workhouse children and Fagin’s gang, plus an adult cast to play the cameo roles which Lionel Bart and of course Charles Dickens captured so well.

The children will be led by Billy Knibb and Jared Walsh as Oliver. Billy and Jared both attend St Leonards Lower School and have worked very hard on the characterisation of the young boy who is born in a workhouse where he and the others are treated so cruelly by Mr Bumble and Widow Corney.

He is chosen to ask for more gruel saying the famous lines “please sir, can I have some more” and branded a troublemaker he is apprenticed to an undertakers with Mr and Mrs Sowerberry.

Mrs Sowerberry will be played by drama graduate Hayley Green who grew up in Leighton Buzzard and has returned after her studies to work as a teaching assistant in the town. Hayley is involved with direction and production in many projects.

Oliver manages to escape and walks to London where he meets The Artful Dodger played by 14 year olds Jacob Townson and Tom Harriman.

Dodger introduces him to many characters including Fagin played by 25 year old Nathan Rutherford. Nathan graduated with a BA in Drama from the University of Winchester and loves musicals and performing. Fagin leads a band of young thieves and pursaudes Oliver to “work” for him.

He meets Nancy played by Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance student Lissie Allsopp and Bet who see the need to protect him from Fagin and the evil Bill Sykes. Bill is played by young Manchester University medical student Andrew Fell, Bet by A level student Josie Derland and also semi professional actor Carly Halse.

Whilst Dodger and the others are out picking pockets Oliver is falsley accused of stealing the pocket watch of Mr Brownlow played by Graham Mountford.

The wonderful musical full of songs, dance, laughter and sadness will be fully staged over four performances. The adult ensemble brings together many from the community some of whom have performed many times and some who are treading the boards for the first time.

The children’s casts are all local children who participated in an Oliver workshop earlier in the year organised by the Advance Theatre Company and did so well they were cast in the production.

Tickets are on sale from the Leighton Buzzard Theatre Box Office (0300 300 8130). Performances are 7pm on Thursday and Friday. 2pm and 7.30 on Saturday.

> The Advance Theatre Company is a relatively new production company based in Leighton Buzzard.

The company appeals to a whole variety of performers - the amateur seeking confidence and fun, the semi professional looking to widen their horizons and the professional looking to become a part of something new, innovative and exciting.

Past projects have included a production of Midsummer Nights Dream, a 40s/50s song and dance show and two spots at the Grove Theatre, Dunstable. The company present short term projects for the community to participte in as well as professional entertainment for private functions and educational establishments.

No ordinary Saturday CT/ Mini 1 or Mini 2 sessions today 7th June as we have had to put in extra Oliver rehearsals

If you require an Alice dvd please email and we will add you to the order £12 each £30 for 3 (you can pay on delivery)

Next Saturday session will be 21st June where the dvds will be delivered 

Hope to see you all at Oliver next Thurs/ Fri/ Sat matinee or evening

Cast left the audience in Wonderland!

Alice The Musical, Leighton Buzzard Children's Theatre, MPLO

Alice The Musical, Leighton Buzzard Children's Theatre, MPLO


More than 70 local children aged four to 13 took part in performances of Alice The Musical earlier this month at The Leighton Buzzard Theatre, writes Josie Farmer.


The production by Leighton Buzzard Children’s Theatre featured many colourful characters and a chorus of lobsters, cards, flowers and much more. The performances raised £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Mini Theatre cast were led in a one-act version by eight-year-olds Ruby Hyland and Phillipa Starkey as Young Alice and Alice in Wonderland, both girls showed real enthusiasm in their singing and led the cast through wonderful adventures.

They met the Mad Hatter played brilliantly by nine-year-old Jared Walsh, the crazy hares Antonio Borelli and Rowan McGwyre and the sleepy dormice, eight-year-old Gwen Firoozmand, seven-year-old Evie Agget and six-year-old Eliza Walsh – great fun was had by all at the tea party.

The Gryphon played superbly by Adam Derland and the Mock Turtle, nine-year-old Imogen Mills who gave an equally amazing performance, told their old sea tales allowing the chorus to sing and dance the lobster quadrille with such fun and enjoyment.

The King and Queen of Hearts Billy Knibb and Emily Elding were suitably terrifying, young Billy tackling a very complex court scene with real maturity. The cat, the duchess, the rabbit, the caterpillar and all the characters made us smile-well done to you all for such a young cast you were brilliant.

The older Children’s Theatre cast showed the progression from younger to older group showcasing some very fine talent indeed.

They were led by 11-year-olds Molly Tooman and Leah Quinn, who both who attend Leighton Middle School and learnt so many songs, dances and lines to perfection.

The story was narrated in this version by Lewis Carroll himself – 12 -year-old Robert Beilby playing The Rev Dodgson, Robert was excellent.

The two girls playing Alice encountered so much fun which showed in everyone’s performance especially Hannah Brewin as the Duchess, Isabelle Thyer as the cook, Amber Chambers as the Gryphon and Ella Raffe as The Mock Turtle.

Dodgson took Alice to meet the walrus played by 10-year-old Alex Scorza and the carpenter played by 10-year-old Olivia Campbell. They met the White Rabbit played very well by Ella Rose King and Mad Hatters tea party characters including Elisha Fowler, Hayden Gell, Danny Rushby, Eleanor Moyle,Freya Dann and Ben Samuel. The Cheshire Cat (Rebecca Knibb) sang and danced superbly and didn’t stop grinning.

Excellent singing from everyone. Stand-outs included Beth Coles as the caterpillar, Molly Squires as Victorian soloist number one and Charlotte Snowdon as the King of Hearts.

Both versions had great scenery by Border Studios and lighting by Richard and Tom Ayre, with superb musical accompaniment by David Allsopp.

Well done to both casts and all the crew a great achievement.Alice The Musical was fantastic-well done everybody

£500 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support

Both casts did their very best.

It was lovely to see the youngest members of LBCT taking the stage in their own production-some wonderful performances by Mini 1 and Mini 2 members. 

CT performances were excellent, so many superb performances

Well done to you all


Advance Theatre Company Oliver tickets now on sale

Team Dickens and Team Charles



Superb reviews from Miss Saigon


Reviews are so positive- more to follow

Incredible response to Miss Saigon

The Saigon reviews are amazing



Performances Friday 7th March 7pm

Saturday 8th March 3pm and 7pm


Raffle and retiring collection in aid of OXFAM as part of OXJAM Leighton Buzzard

Tom cares for mum and helps drama club

A talented teenager who devotes many hours a week to looking after his mum and helping the local community is in a competition that hails the achievements of young Bedfordshire people.

Tom Langston, while studying for his A-levels, acting and teaching young children, is also caring for his mum because she struggles to breathe after suffering from complications associated with asthma. 

Now he has been nominated for the Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Young People of the Year or ‘YOPEYs’.

The YOPEYs are ‘Revealing, Recognising & Rewarding’ young unsung heroes across Bedfordshire and there is £2,000 in prize money for young winners to share with good causes.

There is a top prize of £800 to be won by a young person or group of young people who help others. The young person or group keeps £400 and invests the other £500 in a good cause of their choice. Second place will win £400, third and junior winners £200 each, all similarly shared.

Typical entries include fundraisers, young carers, club leaders, volunteers on projects at home or abroad and young leaders who pass on academic or sporting skills. YOPEY is always revealing new positive role models and the qualification for entry is easy – simply, the young person has to ‘give to others’.

The Beds YOPEY is open to young people aged from 10 to 25, who should live, work or study in the county. But they do not have to meet all three conditions. They could go to school, college or university in Beds but live elsewhere and vice versa.

Tom Langston, aged 17, of Wyngates,  Linslade, was nominated by teacher Sally Allsopp, from Vandyke Upper School. She is also the drama leader for Leighton Buzzard Children's Theatre where Tom volunteers every week. 

Sally said: “I've known Tom for ten years. Tom is unique. He is quite simply a great person and will do anything for anybody. He works hard and has to work hard. He likes to see that others are happy and he cares about others' welfare. Tom is always cheerful and tries not to let things get him down, but inside must be wondering 'why me?'.

“He helps at my drama group and cycles five miles every Saturday morning ready for a 9am start with the mini theatre for the younger children. He also performs and is a youth leader.

“From September to December last year, Tom helped raise over £2,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support by singing at community events.

“Tom is up for anything. He will help out whenever he is asked.”

Tom's mum Victoria used to help at the theatre group but over the last few years has been unable to continue as her health has deteriorated. She now has to spend time at the Royal Brompton hospital to control her breathing problems. Tom has to care for her when she is home, making sure her nebuliser is always to hand. He even cooked Christmas dinner for her and family members last Christmas.

Single mum Victoria said: “I had virus damage to my lungs and clots last year. The damage has also caused increased pressure on my heart, so I can be breathless and cough. It's been a tough few years and I have to take steroids. Moving is a big effort. I would find life very difficult without Tom.”

“He's really good and does lots of house work, goes shopping to Tesco, puts the shopping away, and does the hoovering and washing up. There are not many 17-year-old lads who would put up with what he does.”

Tom, a sixth form student at Vandyke school, Leighton Buzzard, where he's studying A-levels in ICT, drama, English language and general studies, said: “Each day I make breakfast and bring it to mum and help with her medication, then do the washing up, put the washing on, and go to school. I sometimes come back in the middle of day to help out and if she needs me to. I bring the nebuliser down stairs. After school I'll help bring her medication and make sure she's ok. I'll then cook something under mum's instruction.

“I'm really quite busy. I don't know how I find the time, but somehow it all works.”

Despite the hours of caring for his mum, Tom still manages to help out with theatre and church groups. 

“I run games groups and do bible studies for children aged 10-15 at a youth group for middle school children at Hockliffe Street Baptist Church.”

And on Saturday mornings he teaches musical theatre and drama games to youngsters aged 4-13 at the Leighton Buzzard Children's Theatre. 

“We've performed Treasure Island with the younger groups and I'm acting in Miss Saigon in March at the Vandyke Theatre. It's hard work, but worth it.”

After finishing school Tom is planning to go to Moorland Bible College. “I'd like to study children and school work, and then move into the ministry, or youth ministry.”

Sally summed him up: “Tom goes out of his way to help others. He's a top person and deserves an award.”

YOPEY has been praised by national leaders. Prime Minister David Cameron said YOPEY entries show determination and “resolve to make a difference”.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “YOPEY is leading the way in recognising the contribution young people make.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband said the young winners “will build a better, more engaged and more civic society".

YOPEY was founded by former national newspaper journalist Tony Gearing, who said: "There are many young people in Bedfordshire doing wonderful things for others. It's just that they live in the shadow of a well-publicised anti-social minority. 

“We need to give young people the respect they deserve and set up the best as positive role models for others to copy rather than focusing on the small number who appear in the press for negative reasons.”

About this entry, Tony said: “Tom is a very selfless young man, who thinks of others before himself. His mum is rightly very proud of him.” 

As well as Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, sponsors include Central Bedfordshire Council, Atlas Converting Equipment of Kempston, Movianto of Bedford, William Jackson Food Group which includes Parripak in Chicksands, and Carlisle Managed Solutions.

Schools, youth organisations, churches and charities in the capital are being urged to nominate their young people. If their nominee wins, they can receive half the prize money. Family and friends can also nominate but they cannot win prize money. Young people can even nominate themselves.

# Do you know somebody who deserves the title Young Person of the Year?  To nominate logon to or write, enclosing a stamped-addressed-envelope, to YOPEY, Woodfarm Cottage, Bury Road, Stradishall, Newmarket CB8 8YN for a paper entry form. Entries close on Sunday 2 March.

Saturday 9th Feb
Off to The Barn- seems there has been little rain overnight. If there is a proble we will update at around 8am. If Barn is flooded other venue in Heath and Reach will be used so rehearsals this week will happen

Friday 8th Feb

The Barn car park is clear at the moment so it remains so rehearsals will go ahead at The Barn tomorrow as normal. If not we will relocate all rehearsals- please check your email in the morning for details as we will update only if necessary. We will be rehearsing! The alternative venue is also in Heath and Reach. Details will also be posted on facebook and on here


LBCT emergency contingency rehearsal venue found for Saturdays- still in the village- thank you to everyone for their suggestions. No more rehearsals will be cancelled due to flooding! phew. Members are asked to check here for any changes to rehearsal venue weekly as the bad weather continues

Saturday 1st February 8.12am

The flooding at The Barn is too dangerous this week to run any rehearsals. The water level at present is higher than last week and last week during the morning levels significantly rose. This is very frustrating and we can only apologise for this situation. If rain stays a problem we will have to find an alternative venue for the next few weeks-(we may have found a solution and will let you know for next week.)
We have no alternative today but to cancel rehearsals.
The council may come and clear the drains this morning but it is not worth the risk waiting to see if they do
Many many apologies- We will reorganise extra rehearsal time nearer the show dates to make up for this
Thanking you


Sally Allsopp on behalf of LBCT

Friday 31st JANUARY 5pm

The Barn car park is clear of flooding at present. 

We sincerely hope it stays clear but if it does flood to the levels of last week we will have no alternative but to cancel as getting the children in and out of the building is dangerous when levels are as high as last week.

I have tried to book 3  other rehearsal spaces just in case but with no joy.  

PLEASE check facebook/ our website and your email tomorrow morning for updates as necessary.

If it clear we will not update. If there is a problem we will update at 8.15am

Missed rehearsals will be made up nearer to show week as necessary

Hope to see you all tomorrow!!!!!!!


Drama for children’s theatre group

editorial image

editorial image


They may be rehearsing their version of West End hit Miss Saigon, but the setting of a flood hit Leighton Buzzard dramaclass looked more like a scene from The Little Mermaid on Saturday.


Torrential downpours left the car park of the LB Children’s Theatre’s Heath and Reach rehearsal space under several inches of water.

But while one early morning class was cancelled, budding thespians from a second class decided that the show must go on.

They waded through the water and completed their session despite the giant puddle almost swamping the venue by the end.

The group are pictured still smiling in their wellies despite the unexpected drama.

Sally Allsopp, who runs the group, said: ‘We decided to cancel the 9am group but the water was receding by 9.45am so we decided to run the later group. But the water rose again significantly and by the end of the rehearsal was lapping at the door of the venue.

‘The youngsters were brilliant . They sang, acted and danced as usual and were evacuated to dry land by 12 noon.’

Eventful morning!

CT Update: Water is slowly draining but car park is unusable. Access to the barn on foot is improving - you will need wellies! Please do not attempt to park IN the car park unless your vehicle is suitable. Rehearsal will go ahead for CT at parents discretion. Mini 2 update will be sent at 11:30 by text.

BARN FLOODED: Just got to barn and very surprised that the barn car park is completely flooded and totally inaccessible. It would be unwise to hold a rehearsal for mini 1 9am group with water levels so high. Therefore mini 1 is cancelled today 25th Jan. Water levels may recede in time for CT and Mini 2. Will update at 9:15.  

All sessions now in session for Spring Term 2014
Most groups oversubsribed with waiting list
Please email for details

A few quotes from our audience members

"Molly is soooo pleased.  How lovely that doing something that brings so much pleasure to the audience and the participants can be so fab for raising money for such a fantastic cause too" Nikki

"Fantastic total!  They sounded really good tonight – it was amazing how the sound travelled – I could hear them as soon as I got into the shopping centre." Edmund

"Well done to everyone, what an achievement." Deborah 


Members of the Leighton Buzzard Children’s Theatre and Advance Theatre Company spread some extra cheer this Christmas as they sang out to raise over £2000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.
The children and young people performed at venues all over the area to raise money including Laburnum Court sheltered Housing, Leighton Buzzard Christmas weekend, The Vandyke Theatre presenting their Sing out against Cancer to packed audiences and also Milton Keynes shopping Centre.
£2369.50 was raised in less than a month as the performers sang their hearts out.
A spokesperson from Macmillan said “That is absolutely fantastic! Please let the children know how thrilled and grateful we are.I think they are amazing.”
Highlights included the new song “Christmastime” which LBCT also sang at the Mayors concert this year-an honour for the performers.

Last Sing Out tonight raised £273. Final Sing out total  for Macmillan Cancer Support raised by LBCT Minis/ Ct/ Youth Section and the  Advance Theatre-Company raised in less than one month December 2013 £2369.50. Fantastic. Thank you to everyone involved-so brilliant-the highest total ever!
Happy Christmas to you all and see you in the New Year

Well done everyone!!

Mayor's concert TONIGHT
Saturday CT involved
All saints Church 7.30
fantastic event-well done everyone

Otters Disabled swimming club concert today  well done everyone involved

Now £570.18-terrific
Brilliant performance on the main stage today and in Waterbourne walk and last night in the High Street
Well done everybody

Fantastic weekend ahead-so excited!!!!
YS and CT in zone 11 Pipers Piping 4-4.30 and 5.30-6
Minis/ Ct/ Ys in Zone 11 pipers Piping 12.30-1 and 1.30-2
CT/ YS Main Stage 2.30-3

Fab weekend collecting for Macmillan Cancer support

Nov 2013 update
Over £250 now raised for Macmillan Cancer support thanks to Laburnum Court and Wing WI

LBCT are very excited to be part of Leighton Buzzard Shopping weekend
We will have a zone- 11 pipiers piping during the weekend with performances in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and also CT/Youth SEction will appear on the mainstage 2.30-3pm on Saturday 30th

£92.50 so far for Macmillan Cancer support in Sing out against Cancer Nov/ Dec 2013

Well done everyone involved in Continental Day
Was fantastic

Christmas bookings coming in thck and fast for LBCT!

Community term is so busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Starts 12th October with Continental day performance 1.30-2pm Leighton Buzzard Town Centre

12th November The Grove Sings LBCT Youth section and Advance Theatre Company

14th December The Leighton Linslade Mayors Concert

15th December Sing Out Against Cancer

19th December Middleton Hall MK shopping Centre Singing

Matilda the Musical workshop SOLD OUT

Matilda the Musical trip 8th January £37.50 including coach
email for details

There are a few spaces in Mini Theatre 2 for 4-6 year olds only This group meets Saturdays 12.15-1pm.  ALL other groups are full. Please message if you are interested or know anyone who might like one of the limited places in Mini 2

Autumn term is community term

Performances include

  • "Never Stop the show" in aid of the Epilepsy Society
  • Leighton Linslade Continental Day
  • Various concerts for WI groups and sheltered housing
  • The mayors Annual Christmas Concert
  • "Christmas Sing out Against Cancer"

We are pleased to announe that LBCT members will be performing at The Leighton Linslade Town Mayor's annual Christmas Concert on Saturday 14th December at All Saints Church, Leighton Buzzard

New term details soon to be announced


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