Registration for new term is now open

24 Aug 2016

LBCT registration ages 4-18 To be involved September 2016- July 2017 Everyone who wishes to participate in LBCT/ Youth Section/ Mini sessions and workshops this year September 2016-July 2017 will need to register and pay the £5 registration fee per member (this covers insurance and administration)

Session details will be released asap and will include

Session prices will be reasonable and will include sibling discounts and Youth Section helper discounts. It simply allows more flexibility -you choose what you want to be involved in.

More sessions will be added as needed and as we source practitioners who can facilitate these No sessions can be booked unless you are registered so please pay the £5 registration fee and you will then be emailed a registration form and medical details form which will need to be returned by email or post BEFORE the first session you attend.

Once you are registered you can sign up and pay for as many sessions as you wish to attend All session tickets are on a first come first served basis- if capacity is reached If capacity is reached we will endeavour to facilitate similar sessions at a different time

To register today follow this link