Treasure Island casting

11 Apr 2018

All named parts involve singing solos except those marked with *

Long John Silver – The one-legged legend himself. Intelligent, wily, unflappable.

Jim Hawkins – Son of the Landlady of the Admiral Benbow. Yearns for adventure on the high seas.

Squire Trelawny – Good natured, red-faced, cheery and rumbustious, if a little foolhardy.

Doctor Livesey – Intellectual and well organised. Carries the Squire home from the pub.

Black Dog – In charge of punishment on The Hispaniola. This fiend turns out to be a real wimp underneath his sadistic exterior.

Big Jesse – A great big wuss! He’s terrified of his own reflection. Pickles make him ‘dreadful windy’. A really rubbish pirate.

Ben Gunn – The lucky maroonee on Treasure Island! He has the elegance and air of Noel Coward blended with the pulling power of Hugh Hefner! He dreams and sings about cheese a lot.

Mr Arrow – The dutiful and unassuming first mate on The Hispaniola. Leads the crew in the community sing-alongs.

Billy Bones – A grumpy, rum-soaked, crusty old sea dog, resident at the Admiral Benbow. Doesn’t make it to the end of Scene One!

Blind Pew * – Withered old blind beggar. Scares the living daylights out of the patrons.

Polly * – Silver’s prattling pet parrot.


Patrons of the Admiral Benbow – Drunken locals fed up with Billy Bones going on and on and on… Pirates – A band of rollicking buccaneers. They are superstitious and a bit daft! Several solo lines, spoken and sung Ben’s Bevy of Beauties – A tribe of beautiful grass-skirted women who swoon over Ben Gunn! Flint’s Phantom Crew – The ghosts of Flint’s murdered crew. Their pirates’ clothes are all ragged and torn and covered in dust and cobwebs. They mooch about the island warning people that the treasure is cursed, a bit like the baddies in Scooby Doo except these ones sing!