Alice In Wonderland

Jan 2002 at Leighton Buzzard Theatre

A wonderful musical version of Lewis Carroll's famous story performed by Dreams (our special needs integration group).

Alice in Wonderland was led by Chloe Spratt as Alice, she sang and acted very well, putting up with the mad antics of the Hatter played brilliantly by Kraig Rutland, the Hares James Davies and Matthew Whitman and three gorgeous dormice Alice, Eleanor and Heloise. Matthew Lee and Jessica Macmahon brought Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell alive well, with some excellent singing. Shannon Geddes as the turtle made us laugh and cry all at the same time- sheer enjoyment. The Cheshire cat played by Adam Smart showed a great talent with song, dance and acting. The little white rabbit, Suzanne Taylor bounced around everywhere while the Duchess, Jessica Lee had us all in stitches with her morals and baby that's really a pig and Emer Downey as the cook had the cutest sneeze when there was too much pepper. Well done to all the youngsters- a superb effort, lovely chorus, super music and all this from children aged 5- 13.

All the youngsters worked well. They were ably assisted by a backstage team made up of older youth section members led by the fantastic Rachel Bourne who helped Sally Allsopp to direct. David Allsopp provided excellent musical accomplishment. The most important result of all this work was £800 for Cancer Research Uk, lots of happy children and a smiling audience- what could be better.