Don't Stop the Show

Mar 2012 at Leighton Buzzard Theatre

"Last night was amazing and the Advance Co have clearly worked very hard. Fantastic!" Jaquie D

"A MASSIVE thank you!!!. Tonight was amazing, Molly smiled the whole way through every song. Am so proud of her and thank you so so much for making it such fun and for giving her confidence. Thank you x" Susan J Mum of one of The advance Theatre Company Juniors

"Hi Sally, I had to reply this evening and thank you for you hard work. Pete and Eloise so enjoyed being part of the show. I asked if they were excited and thrilled about it and would they do it again? The answer was a resounding yes! So thank you again for your efforts. Also what a privilege to watch the older ones - wow there's no words. I was in tears with Les Mis. Thanks" Ros Mum of Advance Theatre Company Junior members

The first venture was compilation concert featuring songs from musicals such as West Side Story, Jekyll and Hyde, Les Miserables,etc... AMAZING!