Into the Woods Junior

Jul 2015 at Vandyke Upper School

"Thank you so much for into the woods we loved it so much" ( Shelia)

"Tonight was amazing, thank you for giving up your time for our children. Lovely to see all the Advanced cast there too to support them." (Amanda)

"Well done everyone! What a superb show. Great job x" (Sam)

"Amazing show tonight, well done everyone!" (Susan)

"It was a fantastic show with a very talented cast." (Paul)

"It was sooooo good Sally!!! Really enjoyed it, very proud. Just a little bit in awe of the young peeps - they made it look effortless, such clear delivery and all looked so relaxed. Reckon they could teach me a lot Can't quite believe such a solid performance in such a short time! Well done and thanks Sall, David, Hayley and all helpers for making more precious memories for our littles xx" (Nikki)

"It was great and so lovely to watch such talented young people. The kids are alright! And the not so kids too smile emoticon Really nice to see the 'other' cast turn up in force to support. Well done Sally, David and everyone involved, amazing job." (Mark)

"it really did impress, such energy and effort and talent..." (Graham)

"I hope our feedback gets to the cast as they deserve to know how good they were from people who thoroughly appreciate what they have had to learn. Well done all." (Jacki)

"Can't say how much I enjoyed it from the audience, they should be very proud of themselves! Felt strange to re-live the first half, but this time from the audience. Loved it and fantastic to see everyone there." (Will)

"Twas indeed rather epic-well done to each of them and of course the supportive audience" (Sally)

"An amazing performance - that is such an achievement they should all feel very proud! Was just too adorable at points, I nearly cried when Billy said, 'but you said I could buy my cow back...' All brilliant, such a talented bunch!" (Carly)

"I'm not quite sure how Helen managed to do it. It was amazing, particularly remembering the different version's of the songs. Although it wasn't quite the same without her ahahahahahaahaha's. Fab performance by all in a shorter than short space of time. I thought the individual narrators worked well and they did a great job. The Princes looked very prince like. The wolf was brilliant and had one child in the audience hugging her mother as she found him scary. Loved the it takes two song, bit moved. Thought the comedy was spot on and all the little ones excelled them selves. What an experience. Whole family feeling a little down today, billy in particular great end to a fab season and happy ever after." (Steve)

"It was amazing!!! You guys never cease to amaze at how quickly and professionally you put a top quality show together. Once again you guys have been outstanding. I dont know how you manage to keep putting on such amazing shows with such a relatively short rehearsal time but you certainly do. Big thanks for a wonderful night at Into the Woods Junior - already looking forward to your next masterpiece!!! x" (Caz)

"Fantastic cast!! Well done to them all!! Well done to jarrad on lights!! And the team working back stage were fantastic!!" (Richard)

"Well done to all" (Richard B)

"Really enjoyed it . Well done all" (Kate)

"Chloe had an amazing time, didn't stop talking about it. Enjoy your holidays!!" (sarah)

"What a brilliant show tonight! Well done to all the performers and those behind the scenes who give up their time week in, week out. You are all amazing" (Sharon)