Midsummer Nights Dream the Musical

Jul 2006 at Leighton Buzzard Theatre

Fantastic adaption of the great Shakespeare play with added music.

The final curtain of the Summer term fell for Leighton Buzzard Youth Section with their production of Midsummer Night's Dream the musical. The piece was the finale of the Shakespeare festival which every member of the group participated in which involved the Mini theatre members improvised version the CT's "Dream On" and the youth Sections Musica-the version adapted by Sally Allsopp used the true Shakesperian language and was enhanced with songs by Tchaikovsky, Offenbach, Schubert and Purcell. Over 50 young people aged 10-18 took part in this colourful production which used mask, music and movement to bring the forest alive. Angus Drummond was outstanding as the weaver Bottom, he towered above many of the cast and oozed comedic timing, as a donkey was hilarious but as "Pyramus the lover who must kill himself for love" he was unbelievable. He was ably supported by a crew of comedians which included Vanessa Lee as "Moonlight", Wedi O'Neill, Kassey Rutland and Jason Dass as "Wall", Matt Lee as "the director", Adam Smart and Louisa Telling as "the lion" and David Rourke and Charlie Watkins as the beautiful"Thisbe". The lovers were professionally played with many hilarious moments by Michael Hailes, Jenny White, Abi Allsopp and Jay Lawrence. The fairyland creature which emerged from a physicality of undergrowth were bought to life by Iain Smith as Oberon, Chloe Cromack as Titania and Tammy Oxley and Louisa Telling as Puck. Beautiful fairies emerged from every corner and led us to believe we were dreaming. The whole production directed by Sally Allsopp and Kate Peplow was wonderful, the music directed by David Allsopp was super and the lighting and sound effects provided by Oewn Allsopp and Peter Partridge added to the magic. A fantastic end to a very busy season. The young thespians will restart their stage journey in September where they will be working towards productions to be staged at The Leighton Buzzard Theatre in December.