The Factory Children

Jul 2009 at Vandyke Upper School

Some stunning performances of this great historical musical- well done

Over 45 CT members aged 9-13 took part.

"The Factory Children" which tells the story of youngsers often as young as 8 who worked in the factories of England in the 1830's. The cast was packed with stars with some outstanding singing and scting from Anna Pridgeon as Liz, William Thomson as John, Jenny Beckwith as Pru, Thomas dunne as Ben and Tommy Scudamore as Lucky. The piece was interspersed with song and dance from the social consciences who made the cast and audience think played fantastically by Rosie Brookes, Georgia McElwee, Lizzie Lister and Josie Derland. The production at The Vandyke Theatre had a cast of over 40 local young people aged 9-14, showstoppers included "Enterprise" sung by Lucky and his gang and "Them and us" performed by the ensemble. The musical accompliment performed on keyboards by David Allsopp was superb and the lighting by James Leaver really enhanced the piece.The production was in aid of Cancer research and raised more than £400.