The Pied Piper

Jul 2009 at Leighton Buzzard Theatre

Excellent production by the Mini Theatre.

The Leighton Buzzard Theatre was alive with the excited voices of The Leighton Buzzard Mini Theatrewho performed a musical version of The Pied Piper over 3 performances. The young cast retold the classic tale with song, dance and excellent acting skills. The cast were led by 9 year old Lorna Winfield who attends Greenleas School. Lorna charmed the rats and eventually the children of Hamelin away because of the corrupt ways of the mayor played by 9 year old Alex Warren who goes to Linslade Lower School and his council played by Georgia McElwee, Gemma White, Anna Pridgeon and Lizzie Lister. The Mayors wife Eulalie, played by 9 year old Elisha Fowler from St Leonards School, stired up the people in a rousing song "People Power"

The rat pack were led by their strong leader Matthew Jones who is 9 and attends Pulfords Lower School. The young rats danced and sang with all their might as they plotted against the town with their dirty underhand tricks. Seven year old Ella King from Husbourne Crawley School who played dirty rat Cagney was excellent in her delivery. Old rat , Corinne Hubbold who attends High Ash School sang beautifully and told the younger rats of the rat wars she had survived. The rat pack included Danny goodwin, Ellie Prophet, Erica Meadows, Molly Lowther, Monique Donavan- Smith, Olivia Campbell, Rebecca Knibb, Rebecca Murry, Samuel Gruner and the youngest rat 4 year old Rebecca Kelly who goes to Greenleas School.

The townspeople were summoned on stage by the Town Crier, Ben Craig -with a big voice and a ready smile. Townspeople included Adam Birtles, Amy Jane Shane, Helen Montford, Aaron O'Neill, Harry Charter, Jack Potter, Joel Parrot and Tim Metcalf. The townsfolk treated the audience to a great market day scene where they sold their wares until they realised the rats were running wild. The children of the town sang of the grown ups who "nag, natter, moan and fuss but who are so lovely to come home to" Lucy Paine who is 8 and attends Heathwood School played Hans the child who could not dance after the piper and who was left alone(until the piper came back!) Other childrens roles were played by Amy Robertson, Ella Fox, Hannah Murray, Holly Lane and Robert Beilby.

All the young actors performed superbly to great applause