The Rocky Monster Show

Jul 2004 at Leighton Buzzard Theatre

The story of how a masked professor makes DNA moulds of rock stars in his computer. How the stars come to life - headed by a clone of Elvis himself is the climax of this riotously funny and anarchic experience. More traditional 'monsters' add spice to the explosively hilarious mixture performed by the Tuesday Children's group.

"THE ROCKY MONSTER SHOW terrific, monster fun!!"

Forty children aged 5-13 took on the cast of weird, crazy characters who meet together with Baron Frankenstein (The Professor of Rock and Roll) to create a new super group - better than the Beatles. The production was great. Each character getting their special moment. Special mention to Jessica Lee as the overbearing housekeeper who hated the name Rebecca! The professor himself, Adam Smart who showed star quality in his role as the Phantom of the Science Lab. Dominique Kelly as Old Aunt Ada Doom - was quite magnificent. Cara O'Neill and Matthew Lee as the monsters who fell in love. Eleanor Cloake and David Rourke as the straight faced scientists, Igor the butler played by Harvey Murray and Olivia Berry as the bimbo daughter of the professor. A great show - full of fun.