The Slipper And The Rose

Dec 2003 at Leighton Buzzard Theatre

Musical version of Cinderella performed by the Youth Section.

Review by Josie Farmer:

Fantastic show- Fabulous production by a very talented team of young people. The story of Cinderella and the Prince was adapted into a musical with superb music and lots of fun.

Cinderella was played brilliantly by Abi Allsopp giving just the right amount of sadness and certainly shining as the beautiful fairytale princess.

Her Prince was certainly charming played by 15 year old Iain Smith with excellent presence and panache. He had excellent diction and a very good singing voice.

The King and Queen kept the court in check assisted by a bevy of colourful characters including Montague played very well by Kenny Smith.

Ben Jones was terrific as the King. Ben played his part to the full with wonderful expressions and showed an excellent sense of comic timing.

Emily Rust played the queen as a perfect foil for the King, she had excellent expressions and gave a very competent performance.

Hayley Green as the stepmother was super. She showed real contrast when talking to Cinderella or her two delightful daughters, a great performance.

Palatine and Isabella played by Louisa Telling and Chloe Cromack, were a super double act. They worked excellently together and got plenty of humour out of their wicked roles. Both have a good sense of timing and their diction was first class.

Lady Caroline played by Amy Janes was a smaller cameo role but Amy played it very well and gave good support to the others on stage.

The dog Jesse was really well behaved and added the right amount of ah factor.

The Lord Chamberlain played by Angus showed his talents to the full. Confident and talented.

The dowager Queen played by Jilly Hailes was played very well. Jilly spoke slowly and clearly and did not rush her portrayal of this character.

Kassy Rutland as the Fairy Queen was a real star- comical and fun. Kassey gave a sparkling performance, she sailed her way through the show with ease- a great performance.

So many youngsters making so much fun. Beautiful dances and super singing shone through this fabulous production with so many extra touches. All the main characters used very good diction. David provided full orchestration on the keyboard- superb musicianship.

Well done to everyone involved- too many to mention individually but really well done to all.