The Wind In The Willows

Feb 2003 at Leighton Buzzard Theatre

Members from the Saturday Children's groups brought the classic novel to life on stage with songs, dance and a pantomime horse!

The Wind in the Willows was a full scale production with two pantomime horses, ducks, a prince, a prison cat, toad, badger, mole and ratty plus many other endearing characters. Jason Dass as toad was terrific with all the right characterisation. James Leaver as the crazy judge played the small cameo role excellently. Becky Fraser as Badger, Jennifer Bernarde as mole and Kimme Stevenson as ratty worked hard and well together. Aunty Milly the dame was played superbly by Flora Macphail- custard pies right in her face and she did not flinch. Stunning performances all round, with a large chorus, great singing and great fun.