Treasure Island

Jul 2005 at Leighton Buzzard Theatre

A swashbuckling barrel of fun!

Leighton Buzzard Children's Theatre performed treasure Island at The Leighton Buzzard Theatre at the end of July and are pleased to announce that they raised £600 for Keech Cottage Hospice as a result of the successful production.

The performances featured over 70 local youngsters aged 5-13 and told the story of Jim Hawkins played by Eleanor Evie Turner and Jess Allsopp and Long John Silver played by Dylan Taylor and Helena Stokes and a band of pirates who tried in vain to gain gold, silver and jewels in the guise of the treasure. Jim however declared that the real treasure was always within oneself and to find true gold you had to look inside your own heart.

The youngsters included Polly the parrot played by Shannon Geddes and Suzanne Taylor, Ben Gunn played by Harvey Murray and Keiran Faulkner and a bevy of beauties found on the island. In LBCT style the huge cast sang, danced and acted really well. Audience response include " I could not believe they were such young children" There were so many stars" " LBCT always lifts you and makes you happy" "The children were all fantastic" "Wow! some of those youngsters were brilliant - real stars, the others were wonderful- they all enjoyed it so much-it was obvious- all of them had so much fun" Another wrote "Thank you for doing treasure island and it was fun being in it and the show was brilliant!" A cast member wrote "thank you for letting me be part of Treasure island- it was excellent- I felt so special"£600 for Keech Cottage was raised as front of house profit, generous donations from audience members and ticket sales.

Director Sally Allsopp says Treasure Island was terrific- all the young performers were brilliant, stars included Emer Downey as Squire Trewlany, Benn Gunns, Jim Hawkins' and Long John Silvers. LBCT is very lucky to have so many stars.